100% Recycled Papers are chemical free, chlorine free, acid free, biodegradable, ethical, 'green' and very unique!

The Paper Mill has been the site of a working mill since 1219.  It alternated between paper making and flour milling depending on the community's requirements.


It is the site of a 'Fourdrinier' continuous papermaking machine - the world'd first.  It is over 110 years old and continues to be driven by steam to this very day.

The Mill is also a National Heritage site and a registered charity.  It now only produces recycled papers (no risk of contamination) and is open to visitors and is staffed by volunteers.
The Mill has the capacity to produce about 5 tonnes of paper per day.

Papers are made without using bleaches or detergents.  They are acid free and lignin free.  The recycled paper is sourced from two main areas.  Local schools are asked to collect their waste paper and it is collected free of charge.  For this, the schools are given 'points'.  Points are collected and can be used to purchase back paper, books or buy educational visits to the mill.
Other area is purchased from envelope manufacturers or packaging manufacturers as off-cuts from their recycled packaging.

So everything is done as ethically as possible!