100% Recycled Papers are chemical free, chlorine free, acid free, biodegradable, ethical, 'green' and very unique!


Ellie Poo paper is made from elephant dung and 100% recycled paper.
Elephants generally have a very inefficient digestive system whereby almost 45% of it's food intake is passed through as undigested matter.  As a result the elephant spends most of it's life eating and therefore has to seek out a continuous and abundant supply of food and water to survive.

Their diet is strictly herbivorous indulging in a variety of grasses, leaves and fruits.  Most elephants consume 100 - 150 kilos (220 -330 pounds) of food and 80 - 160 litres (20 - 30 gallons) of water per day.

From all this, elephants can produce about 1 tonne of waste material per week.  So you can see there is a limitless supply of raw material !!

The diet of a Rhinoceros is similiar to an elephants.  Their digestion is better so the dung is better processed in the Rhino's stomach.

The dung is collected and firstly washed thoroughly and the fibrous matter is kept.  The fibrey mush is then put into a big pot with some natural ingredients and boiled for a considerable length of time.  This, together with the natural ingredients thoroughly cleanse the poo and remove the bugs.  It is then dried and is converted into a concentrate dry paper pulp.  This takes the form of very dark brown sheets and this is the basis of the Ellie Poo and Rhino Poo paper.  This concentrate is added to 100% post consumer waste paper.